Bringing the Community Together

Integrative Enneagram Solutions serves and accredits coaches and OD practitioners worldwide. Our community of more than 1000 training IEQ9 Integrative Enneagram practitioners includes independent, corporate and non-profit practitioners in 15 countries. Our vision is to grow, lead and inspire an Enneagram learning community of choice.

We are committed to the continuing support, development and shared learning of our community. To support this, we work with local partners to convene regional Community of Practice groups for accredited members, to contribute to their ongoing support, community-building and training.

Our Community of Practice is connected and served by multiple channels and initiatives:


Members of a Community of Practice are first and foremost practitioners. They support each other in developing a shared base of stories, practices, experience and ways of addressing mutual challenges. These CoP Meetings bring our regional community together around a key topic or guest speaker. To give broad access to experts worldwide, speakers may be physically present or virtual participants on Skype. In-depth exploration of our topics and shared needs create a platform for collective learning, knowledge sharing, generating new insights and knowledge and building a community of support. Please contact us to find out about communities in your region.


The Integrative community makes extensive use of social media to connect, share and discuss the benefits and evolution of our work. We invite any interested community members to follow and actively participate in these online discussions, and we appreciate and enjoy the sharing of wisdom, resources and questions that this supports. Our regional groups also utilise communal Facebook pages to organise themselves, communicate and make contact.

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Learning Pods are smaller groups of five to nine iEQ9-trained individuals who travel a supportive learning journey together over time. Their meetings focus on coaching circles and ‘group-guided individual inquiry for self-development’, sharing experiences and challenges in using the Enneagram and the iEQ9. In these groups, both newly accredited and experienced practitioners have an opportunity to show up as their authentic selves and receive personal mentoring and coaching as well as sharing their gifts with others. The Integrative organization seed sessions with opening questions or topics such as “How does anger show up in your life and your Ennea type?” and groups build on these to explore the conversations that matter most to them. These sessions offer an opportunity to practice and experiment with new coaching techniques, questions and concerns in a safe space.


As practitioners and coaches, we often spend our time and energy coaching others with little opportunity of receiving coaching ourselves. Our peer coaching system is an opportunity to receive coaching as well as coaching another community member and receiving authentic feedback on your impact and skills. A pair of community members contract to coach each other over a period of months, in a reciprocal relationship where participation is key to receiving. We experiment with different and catalytic pairings, constantly learning about the gifts of different perspectives and coaching techniques.